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Corporate History

1979 Founded with the goal "We are Central Kitchen for your hotels and restaurants."
Our main goal is to produce high-quality soups and sauces for professional chefs.
Capital : JPY 10,000,000
1980 Factory opens in Shimizu, Shizuoka and starts producing soups and sauces.
Sales of " Kisco Brand " Products start.
Manufactuer and Sales of canned chicken bouillon and stock starts.
1982 Sale of the fond de veau for business use for the first time in Japan
1983 Manufactuer and Sales of frozen Americane sauce and Consomme.
1987 The Osaka office is established.
1990 Sales of "HCQ ( Hotel Class Quality )- Brand " start.
1991 Sales of retort products start.
1994 New factory opens for the expansion of production capacity, production efficiency and quality management.
Sales of chilled products start.
1995 "Washoku-Meijin Brand ( Japanese Food cooked by Master chefs )" start.
The Tyubu office is established.(forwer Nagoya office)
1996 Adds frozen storage to reinforce management of frozen ingredients.
The Nagoya office is established.
1997 Capital increase to JPY 30,000,000.
1998 Incorporates the "Rotary-type High-temperaure and High-pressure Sterilizer"
to reinforce quality control.
1999 Incorporates the packaging-line for efficiency improvement.
2000 "Casual-Line Brand" products start.
" Healthy Life " products start.
2001 Incorporates X-ray contamination inspector to reinforce safety control.
2003 Places the defrost storage of frozen meat to reinforce quality control.
Starts importing Fond de Veau from New Zealand.
2005 Incoporates new frozen storage for production efficiency of frozen products.
Starts importing tomato sauce from Italy.
2006 Expands the packaging-line to manage increased production quantity.
2007 Starts importing "Sauce Bechamel" from New Zealand.
Adds new frozen storage NO.3 to manage increased production quantity of frozen products.
2009 30th anniversary
Incorporates Food Traceability System.
Incorporates the original controlling system
of products, Material Requirements@Planning (MRP).
2010 Shinya Kuze becomes President.
Tomoyasu Suzushino becomes Director and Chairman.
2011 "Base-Line Brand" products starts.
Founded KISCO FOODS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, affiliated company,
in New Zealand for manufacturing soups and sauces.
Capital increases up to JPY 90,000,000.
2013 Obtained ISO 22000 certificate.
2014 Shinji Nagaoka becomes President.
2019 Shinji Hayashi becomes President.

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